Monday, March 29, 2010

Summary of items from the last earnings call

Here is a comment from the message board today by a longtime shareholder, Flipocrat, and my response.

"I would be very happy if someone could talk me out of these concerns, because I had looked to the last cc to address all of this, but heard nothing really useful, just more generalities."


I heard a bunch of useful things such as:

1. Restructuring to be completed by end of Q2.
2. OPEX yearly run-rate of less than $100m will be achieved by end of Q2. This includes factoring in rent.
3. On the Q&A, there was a question on profitability/cash flow and Peter answered that Q3 should be the breakeven/profitable point.
4. BSNL which is around $120m (from my talk with Peter and other inst. investors) should be signed in Q2.
5. IPTV demand is going well with STB orders picking up. The company mentioned they have 44% market share and a 3rd party estimate shows a major growth phase starting in 2010 continuing through 2014 in China.
6. Two areas that they will use their cash to boost revenue are IPTV cable and Softbank. Both are very credible as the company has strategic positions with both and have the cash/technology to determine their faith.
7. Beijing investment to close in April.

UTSTarcom CEO Peter Blackmore has been straightforward in what he wants to accomplish and how he is going to get there. The problem has been the execution, which has been poor and that has led to credibility issues but overall, they are doing what he has set out to do. With Q1 closing, there should be a lot of items to check off for the next couple of months and then they are at operationally where the company should be.