Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Improving Technicals

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. I think its fair to say, it was a very tough year for the market and another disappointing year for UT. In the next couple of days, I will post on the negative and positive events for UT and recap some of the predictions/expectations shareholders had at the start of the year. For the last few weeks/months, I've been looking at UTs chart and tracking the 50 day SMA. The stock had been under the 50-day for months now but is showing some flattening out pattern and "threatening" to break above the 50-day:-)

If you pull a 2-year chart, the stock was under the 50-day from the start of 2007 all the way to September 2007 until it broke above the 50-day and had a brief spike to $5 in late 2007. Around May of this year, the stock made its major move for the year doubling from under $3 to just under $6 staying above the 50-day. Once it broke down, however, it has been all downhill. Several attempts at crossing above the 50-day at the $3.5 and $2.5 level failed. If the stock can closed above the 50-day for a few days, that may be a good sign that it can move to the 200-day average in the $3-3.5 level in early 2009. And IF it breaks the 200 day to the upside, .......(ok I'm getting a little ahead of myself :-)

Have a good year everyone!